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For the unique challenges of historic buildings and development
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We will understand your needs

When you work with The Wright Consultancy on a Heritage building project, we appoint our most senior Analysts and our Heritage & Premium Services Manager to personally oversee the relationship and work with your team. We understand that when working on ancient structures that there can be plenty of surprises on the journey of restoration and construction, so we will work with an adaptable approach and an understanding that changes are likely to happen. This agile methodology and experience will ensure you get the best value in return for your project.

Finding the right partner

Please click through to visit our Heritage Insights page and find our why we are best placed to provide your Analysis reports. You will find the useful comprehension that we have from our experiences, along with some links to useful information available in the UK:

If you know what you want and would like to talk with us about your project, please click here:

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